ASUS: ZenBook Pro

Client: ASUS
Project Title: ZenBook Pro
Director: Matt Horrex
DOP: Matt Horrex

The ASUS ZenBook Pro – a high performance, compact laptop – made especially for creative industry professionals, distinguished by its own innovation called the Touch Pad – a touch-screen built into the scroll pad, enabling seamless connectivity and boundless options.

The agency wanted us to depict the ZenBook Pro as a fun, accessible device used by the likes of creative professionals (a photographer, illustrator and animator). We set the scene for the different spaces in the advertisement, from a collaborative open-concept office space to the presentation scene at the end, keeping in mind an upbeat, hip and attractive vibe.

The end-product? A commercial depicting 3 creatives avidly using the ZenBook Pro, combining their respective skills sets in creating a video for a media presentation launch.

The video was produced by the ZenBook Pro.

Skills: Set Dress, Standby