IPOS: Ideas Today. Assets Tomorrow.

Client: Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Project Title: Ideas Today. Assets Tomorrow.
Director: Jenny Ng
DOP: Gary Lim

The featured workshop space and selected artwork belonged to Amado Gudek, who designs and makes every piece of jewelry from scratch, using only eco-friendly bio-resin and eco-friendly materials.

For a segment of the video, we had to show the talent making jewelry in the artist’s workshop. For our production purposes, we were required to capture the process of the piece, from raw to final form.

Clearly, we were unable to just sit the piece on the sanding machine as it would have ruined the entire product.

As a props maker, I was tasked to replicate, for the shoot, a piece to be reverse engineered so that we were able to shoot the polishing process, while it was being sanded.

Of course, I could not produce an exact copy of a fine piece of jewelry, but was able to produce a close-replica that was convincing enough to be used in the shot.

Skills: Art Direction, Props Fabrication, Set Dress, Standby