KUBOTA: Southeast Asia Campaign

Client: KUBOTA
Project Title: KUBOTA Southeast Asia Campaign
Director: Koichi Iguchi
DOP: Takaki Kumada

This assignment involved the construction of a Restaurant setting, from scratch.

My team and I were tasked to fabricate an entire restaurant set at a location along Boat Quay. The catch? We were given 10 days to put this all together. We had to design and fabricate the restaurant signage, advertisement boards, food menus, seating layout and al-fresco furniture decoration. An elaborate lighting design plan was also developed as we used a lot of practicals in the form of incandescent bulbs rigged with bird-cages. We also had to prepare a storage kitchen (that served as a makeshift setup for us to “fire up” the local dishes).

This project imparted the experience of designing and furnishing a fully-operational restaurant, with a seating capacity of 60 customers. The shoot involved close collaboration between our clients (and agency from Japan) and 2 production houses from Thailand and Singapore.

Skills: Art Direction, GFX, Set Build, Set Design, Set Dress, Standby