MSIG: Drive Safe to the Max with UMax

Client: MSIG
Project Title: Drive Safe to the Max with UMax
Director: Sean Ng
DOP: Adrian Tan

Every single prop used in this video was designed (using Sketchup, AutoCad, Photoshop and Illustrator) and fabricated (using CNC cutters, Handicraft methods, and Machine Printing) by us. The car silhouette was inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle vintage van design, but was scaled down to accommodate a single talent within. The zebra was designed to be puppeteer-ed by 2 members of the Zentai choreography, one to wag its tail and the other to animate its eyelid.

The signal symbol was the mixed media prop which involved LED programmed technology. It consists of white LED curved lighting strips housed within an acrylic shell. It was programmed to operate on a specific repeat mode pattern, and covered with a Pantone-accurate colour sticker with low opacity, hence allowing the prop to reflect MSIG’s branding colours.

Skills: GFX, Props Design, Props Fabrication, Standby