MSIG: Travel Easy Pre Ex

Client: MSIG
Project Title: Travel Easy Pre Ex (photo stills campaign)
Senior Art Director: Tay Kok Wei
Photographer: Teo

MSIG’s new insurance plan extends travel coverage to all, even those with pre-existing medical conditions. The male and female model escaping from the pillbox via a ladder and sawing through a hole, serves as a visual metaphor for being free from the worries of travelling without coverage, should something unfortunate befall.

The brief was to fabricate a pillbox large enough to fit a human being. I used acrylic as a base material, whilst 3D molding a cast to achieve the form for the lid cover.

In order to serve both Key Visuals, a single pill box was fabricated, not two separate ones. I conceived and executed the idea of making the left-most panel with the circle removable and interchangeable, saving much needed time on set and our client’s resources.

The tablet props were hand-carved from foam, paying attention to accurately represent the rough, matte texture of medicinal pills. The capsule prop was made using fibre-glass molding and painted to have a gloss finish.

Skills: Props Fabrication, Standby