NUS: A potato, a typewriter, a letter

Client: NUS Development Office
Project Title: A potato, a typewriter, a letter
Director: Don Aravind
DOP: Shyan Tan

A period piece telling the story of Mr. Lee Kok Wah, famed business and community leader in Singapore. Born into a family of modest means in the 1940s. He was able to go to university and thereafter succeed in his endeavors due to the generosity of others before him.

Corrugated zinc sheets were sourced and carefully aged to deck the walls of the kitchen set to create cinematic texture and a period-accurate aesthetic. My team also had to attentively tend to the fire stove, to ensure that just the right level of steam was produced to create liveliness and atmosphere in the kitchen. We also had to remodel a bicycle to resemble a Flying Pigeon model from that era. We also sourced period-specific furniture, books and stationary, and recreated a school staff room from the 60s, an executive office from the 80s, and a five-foot walkway path from the 50s.

Skills: Art Direction, GFX, Props Fabrication, Set Design, Set Dress, Standby