OCBC: Mighty Savers campaign

Client: OCBC
Project Title: Mighty Savers campaign
Director: Peggy Goh
DOP: Gary Lim

A classic feel-good stop motion project for the OCBC Mighty Savers program, meant to educate young children on the merits of saving money for their future.

Six year old Zemily conceived the idea and characters to tell a story of Princess Koryn and her little bear friend. She co-directed this piece together with director Peggy.

My team and I received the designs and print-outs of the characters and elements to be used in the shoot. We cut out and organized over 800 elements, proceeding to organize them as per the chronology of the storyboard.

During the shoot, we had to lay out and animate each individual element on our table top set for the camera to capture, frame-by-frame.

Skills: Props Fabrication, Set Dress, Standby