Robinsons: Every Wish Matters

Client: Robinsons
Project Title: Every Wish Matters
Director: Jeremy Oh
DOP: Shyan Tan

The strains of a familiar classical tune emanates from a music box, setting the tone for our two protagonists, as they weave in and out of an undefined space, before finally facing one another, a gift hidden in each of their hands, in anticipation of giving.

The set features Baroque-style aesthetics amidst Classical French design walls. Within a small studio space, we created multiple layers of segregation using fabrics and textiles, with ribbons and strings suspended from the ceiling to the ground. Some materials were chosen for its sheer quality, and some including satin for its light-reflecting nature. The cinematographer danced through the layers of drape as he chased the actors gaze, as each camera shot mimics the point-of-view of the other protagonist.

Skills: Props Fabrication, Set Dress, Standby