Samsung: Bixby App

Client: Samsung
Project Title:
Director: Johan Polhem
DOP: Matt Horrex

The advertisement was to feature and promote Samsung’s new Bixby app, with the ability to scan and interpret foreign languages for its phone users.

Our task was to conceive graphic art for a Japanese food menu, as well as a wine label from France. The former’s logo was hot stamped with gold ink and printed on a matte black textured menu booklet, while the latter was designed and printed as a waterproofed wine sticker label. Research was done to ensure that both pieces adhered to the accuracy of language, phonetics, context and design. We had to undergo multiple rounds of testing with the new Bixby feature, to ensure that the app would legitimately read and interpret our design during the take.

Skills: Art Direction, Props Fabrication, Set Dress, Standby