Singapore Airlines: A380

Client: Singapore Airlines
Project Title: A380
Director (video): Matt Horrex
DOP (video): Matt Horrex

Director (stills): Chris Sisarich
Photographer (stills): Chris Sisarich

One might wonder, why hire an Art Department for a shoot that features the latest Business Class and Suites seats for Singapore Airline’s A380 range of aircraft? I too, wondered.

The creative agency wanted to feature the luxury of SIA’s newly launched seats, by accentuating its design and quality.

My brief was to black out the floor beneath the new seats – with a sleek-yet-subtle black gloss finish.

The seemingly simple brief however required precision measurements in-situ of the A380 passenger seats and space. Culminating in the creation of a mould conceived off the seats’ footprint, I then ordered the requisite material and hand-cut them to the custom shapes needed.

Piecing together the glossy flooring like a jigsaw around the set created a sleek finish.

Skills: Set Build, Standby