Starhub: Driving Tomorrow’s Business Innovations

Client: Starhub
Project Title: Driving Tomorrow’s Business Innovations
Director: Salomão Figueiredo
DOP: Adrian Tan

Trader’s exchange market.
Fashion designer.
Athletic test lab.
Cafe owner.

My art department mocked up 6 different space setups to tell the story of driven, passionate individuals living with the support of Starhub’s internet services.

We converted a segment of our creative agency’s office into a fashion R&D lab. To dress the set, my team sourced for fashion elements, such as mannequins, textile samples, material catalogues and motion graphic videos.

Furthermore, we converted a segment of our client’s office into a Stock Exchange market. Instead of installing a huge LED screen for the stock listings, we cut out a 12-meter long chroma green roll of paper against a white wall. Our post production team then composited data and information to represent a live trading stock market screen.

Another segment of our client’s headquarters was converted into an Athlete’s test lab using props from the field of biomedical technology. The data and information captured from the test lab would be transmitted to the fashion workshop, where the R&D team selected materials and developed its optimal line of sports apparel designed for aerodynamic performance.

This assignment required a lot of set dressing with appropriate props and fixtures, to convey the message of a futuristic tomorrow, made possible with reliable internet infrastructure.

Skills: Props Fabrication, Set Dress, Standby