UOB: Right By Every Generation

Client: UOB
Project Title: Right By Every Generation (stills photo campaign)
Photographer: Chris Sisarich

For the photo stills image of the girl on stage, I designed and fabricated the 3D arrow light box, using acrylic and LED strips.

For the other still of a young man on the garden roof, there was copious amounts of planning involved as soon as the location was selected. I produced a 3D planar layout of the farm, as well as a props deck consisting of all the plants that were intended for use, to create an edible farm atop a multi-storey carpark location. Singapore does not have the best climate to grow cherry tomatoes and as such we had to rig fresh tomatoes onto our existing plants to create more colour for the camera to capture.

Each of our planter boxes was pre-built and wood stained at our workshop. They were all disassembled prior to transportation to our shoot venue, and re-assembled again at the rooftop set.

Skills: Art Direction, Props Fabrication, Set Build, Set Design, Set Dress, Standby